Tax in Montenegro

Tax in Montenegro

If you live in Britain, are you expecting taxes to come down any time soon? Me neither!

The Tories have caused massive pain for private landlords with Section 24, dividend allowances have been all but wiped out and pension contributions slashed in recent years.

That may seem bad enough, but what if the very real chance of a Corbyn government comes to pass? Expect a wealth tax of some kind, higher income and corporation tax, the loss of Entrepreneurs Relief, rent controls and capital controls for starters. If you’re as old as me, you’ll know this means a return to the 1960s – when the Beatles sang ‘one for me, 19 for you’ in their Taxman song…

Montenegro is your antidote to all this. Take a look at these headline tax rates:

  • Income tax 9%
  • Capital Gains Tax – 9%
  • Corporation Tax – 9%

And those rates only apply on income, gains and profits generated in Montenegro. If you earn your wealth outside the country, there’s no tax to pay on it in Montenegro. Zero. Nada. That’s the kind of tax rate I like.

Please note: If you remain tax resident in the UK you will still need to report any income or gains arising in Montenegro and pay any additional tax due under UK law.

The worst tax in Montenegro is the 21% VAT charged on new homes. We’ve discovered the process by which you can reclaim that. It doesn’t work on every development, but on three of the four that we feature on this site it can be done – IF you follow the process to the letter.

Which is exactly what our team is here to help with. Just pop your details in the form below and let’s get started: