Residency in Montenegro

Residency in Montenegro

Montenegro is not just a beautiful country in which to own a holiday home.

It also offers real estate investors a temporary residence permit which can be renewed annually. This means that you have the greatest asset of all – choice.

If you’re concerned about all the uncertainty surrounding Brexit or a Corbyn government, imagine how much better you will sleep at night knowing that you have a Plan B ready and waiting.

You can live in Montenegro for as many days each year as you like, or as few. Use your property strictly as a holiday home, or rent it out as an income producing asset.

Unlike Britain, Montenegro is trying to get into the EU so you can also hedge your bets if you’d prefer to live in a member nation! They already use the Euro, they’ve joined NATO and are on course to join the EU in the coming years.

So owning a home in Montenegro gives you:

  • Exposure to the euro as a hedge against sterling
  • A second residency in case conditions become unbearable in the UK
  • Potential access to the EU (and an almost certain hike in property prices if this happens) with its open movement of people, goods and capital

What’s important is to make sure your application is handled properly. We have assembled a team of English speaking lawyers and accountants to handle the whole process for you. The maximum flexibility comes from establishing a company in Montenegro with yourself as CEO. You can then apply for both residency and work permits, open bank accounts, reclaim 21% VAT on most properties and run a local holiday rental business to gain a return on your investment.

Just fill in the form below if you are ready to get started.

Please Note: Montenegro has recently announced a citizenship programme by which 2,000 people can gain access to a passport and full citizenship, which goes beyond the residency described above. This will involve a significant investment in real estate plus government fees of over €100,000. We will be happy to assist with this programme once the details are known.