Great Value and Huge Development Potential

Bar Investment

Bar is the shortened form of Antibari, which recognises the fact that this delightful coastal town lies exactly opposite Bari in Italy. Only the azure waters of the Adriatic separate the two towns. The Italian influence goes back a long way – there was a Roman castle here as long ago as the 6th century.

Mr Marconi, the wireless pioneer, made a radio connection between Bari and Bar in August. A decade later Bar came under heavy attack from the Austro-Hungarian navy, much if the town being destroyed in the bombardment. More pain followed in World War 2 with occupation by the Italians that left the town all but destroyed. Bar has since been rebuilt and has the look and feel of a modern city.

Today, Bar is a thriving tourist resort with 17,500 people living in the main town and 42,000 in the wider municipality. With 270 days of sunshine a year and plenty of flights to the nearby capital city Podgorica, this is an ideal place to combine investment with a delightful holiday home.

Development has lagged behind the better known resorts further up the coast, which means that property prices are lower and potential capital gains are higher. This is definitely a location for those taking a medium to long term view, investing today to reap the rewards as Bar catches up with Budva and Tivat in the years to come.

Our development here is exceptional. Two futuristic buildings just 250 metres from the beach and with stunning sea views from the upper floors. Not only are the apartments themselves built with the highest quality materials, but the developer has bought the land in front of the buildings which will be turned into a park for the exclusive use of residents.

Prices are exceptionally keen, with studios from as little as €70,000. However, in my opinion the best value is to be found in the larger apartments on the top floors where you can luxuriate in 240 metres of living space and access to a large roof terrace with pools and summer kitchens for a net price of less than €500,000. And, if you make a prompt decision, you can have your choice of interior fittings before the apartments are completed in October 2019.

Here’s a small selection but do fill in the form if you’d like details on the latest availability:

Building 1, Apartment T11/72


This 33.5 square metre studio on the fifth floor is an ideal entry level property available at just €67,020. Ideal for a cash buyer who does not need a mortgage. You won’t get a cheaper Plan B with residency in a low tax country for less than that!

Building 1, Apartment T14/100


This is a large one bedroom apartment offering 77 square metres of living space on the seventh floor. It is available at €167,205 and could qualify for a 50% mortgage with the bank with which we have high level contacts.

Building 1, Apartment T10/90


This two bedroom apartment on the 6th floor offers a generous 102.5 square metres of living space and is available at €222,446 before the VAT refund. It’s a type 10 which means balconies on two sides, allowing you to follow the sun round during the day as you sip your G&T on the terrace…

Building 2, Apartment T16/219 Lux

They don’t get better than this, the top floor penthouse with the best views of all. 210 meters of living space and shared access to the roof terrace with its swimming pool and summer kitchen (what you and I would call a barbie)  along with a handful of other owners of the Lux penthouses. This one is available at €526,975 gross, just €435,516 after reclaiming the 21% VAT.

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