About Elite Investor Club

We have so far raised in excess of £52 million of funding for our carefully selected investment partners.

What is Elite Investor Club?

Elite Investor Club is a global network of more than 1,300 sophisticated and high net worth investors dedicated to taking control of their financial future and creating long-term, multi-generational wealth. Already based in London and Singapore, the club will launch in Zurich and Mumbai during 2019.
The club provides a mix of financial education, access to extraordinary investments and wealth protection expertise.

Graham Rowan


Club chairman Graham Rowan is an author, speaker and television presenter whose mission to end financial illiteracy has taken him to the United Nations in New York, Harvard Business School in Boston and both Houses of Parliament in the UK. In 2017 he spoke at the World Wealth Creation Conference in Singapore where he shared the stage with Jim Rogers and Brian Tracy. Elite Investor Club will be featured in the 2018/2019 Parliamentary Review as a recognized leader in its field.


  • Special reports such as The 7 Steps To Financial Freedom.
  • Monthly Elite Lifestyle magazine.
  • Wealth Webinars on all aspects of wealth creation & protection.
  • One percent Weekly episodes on Youtube Elite Investor TV channel.

Extraordinary Investments

  •  35% in 18 months – loan note for holiday apartments in Devon (£50K +)
  • 43% in 36 months – new private cemetery in the UK Midlands (£50K +)
  • Care home suites paying 8-10% rental income for 10 years + (£65K)
  • Boutique hotel suites paying 10% rental income for 10 years (from £50,000)
  • Fine art investments www.mellerartclub.com (from £10K) • Curated classic car collection (From £750K)

Live Events

  • Boardroom Breakfasts on specific topics
  • Social and networking events with leading guest speakers
  • Annual Black Tie awards ceremony – The Elites!
  • Overseas events in Singapore, Switzerland and India

What Elite Members Are Saying

Paul Avins – Why I refer people to Elite

“One of the questions successful business owners ask is – now I’m creating all this extra cash what do I do with it? Graham helps my clients get a great return with great security”.

Paul Davies – Member & Investor

“One of the questions successful business
owners ask is – now I’m creating all this extra
cash what do I do with it? Graham helps my
clients get a great return with great security”.

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More Testimonials

Jim Aitken

“You provide a service to the investor which is needed increasingly, urgently; due to the financial ignorance of the majority and looming and eventual financial free fall of systems worldwide.”

Paul Smith

“EIC is a great place to hear and learn about investment opportunities and ideas. They have given me access to products that I would not have otherwise found. I also value the access to advice if needed. They have educated me.”

Mark Yeomans

“This is one of the few places in the financial world where you actually feel that you are being looked after. Not only does Elite help you plot a course for your finances, but it educates you and makes you feel you are alongside a great group of likeminded people, all trying to do the best they can for their finances and their family.”

Michael Allen

“Opened my eyes to investments that I wished had been available to me 20 years ago”

Mark Lee

“Access to experts who ‘put their money where their mouth is’!”

Carol Robinson

“Love you guys! its all good… kidnap Corbyn perhaps and strand him on a remote island…”

Barry & Lynn Dobbins

“Certainly – I have been a member for a few years (getting too old to remember how many) and made several investments with Elite – all of which are paying well – WHEN I sort the finances, I wouldn’t dream of going to anyone else”

Graham Over

“An excellent resource, introducing new and varied investment opportunities.”

Duncan Kent

“I’d be very pleased to, how about the email I sent 26 Nov 18.
Dear Graham and Daphne
I hope that all is well with you.
It was Janine’s birthday on Saturday and by happy coincidence we also received our first payment of £5,850 from our EIC investment in Washington Lodge Nursing Home. We will continue to receive a payment of £2,925 every six months for the next 23 years; this will make a significant difference to our financial situation and immediately provides an increased level of financial security for our family.
It therefore seemed an ideal time to sincerely thank you both for all you do at EIC; the introductions to experts and investments that we would otherwise never have access to and the education and critical financial insight via the monthly and quarterly publications and OPW.
Since joining EIC over two years ago we have worked with many of the expert advisors that you have introduced us to in order to create new Wills and POA, obtain Critical Illness Cover, move our Life Cover and Pensions into Trust, obtain additional tax advice, sell our BTL property and purchase our investment in Washington Lodge. We may not be in the 1% but thanks to EIC our financial situation is far more secure, and we can now focus on building our Wealth Pyramid.
Thank you again
Best wishes

Arun Aggarwal

“FCA protection is pretty meaningless in reality. Much advice is so hedged with get out clauses that investors have to make own judgement calls. Elite offers things that have been through pretty good due diligence and extra checks, often with their own funds invested too. So far, no disasters and some pretty impressive returns. No hard selling, plenty of info.”

Peter Jackson


Guy Weaver

“I am a longstanding EIC client investing in care homes and burial plots to achieve a mixture of yield and capital gains.
Graham, Daphne and Adam are great to deal with; open, honest and accessible and i am very happy with the performance of my investments.”

Howard Clapham

“It has been most instructive to receive notification of the various secure and high yielding investments which you have to offer.”

Simon Jeffries

“The Elite Investor Club has become a useful source of insightful information and guidance. Always a rewarding experience.”

Glyn Collen

“Elite investor provides a refreshing approach to investments with excellent investment opportunities and no hard sell.”

Graham Hurley

“It is one of very few sources of ideas that address my world-view and investment and personal concerns, looking ahead. And unlike much of mainstream media, it does not insist on pandering to “political correctness” and does not “take it as given” that we are all keen to promote “fairness”, “diversity” and related left-wing ideologies.”

Brian Read

“it helps keeps me up to date with “technical” changes to investment and tax rules and gives me a prompt to think outside the box”

David Rouse

“I’ve been reassured that somebody is looking out for my interests, nobody else does this”

Richard Abbott

” a great source of investment advice on alternative asset/non-traditional asset classes”

Richard O’Hanlon

“I have found the meeting extremely helpful in understanding different aspects of financial wealth and investments. The quality of speakers has been excellent, and I am fully confident that the various investment opportunities offered have had exhaustive due diligence performed by Graham and his team.”

Richard Wombwell

“Graham, Daphne and the whole team at Elite work tirelessly to bring us the very best investments and the very best information available today. All delivered with style and a wicked sense of humour. Join today!”

Mark Golding

“A first class investment club, that has great subject matter expertise and energy.”

Dr Roger Harding

“Interesting and useful events and videos.”

Gordon Calvert

“If you are interested in the idea of personal investment and managing this yourself then the Elite Investor Club will suggest investment ideas outside of the traditional and outside the derisory income limits of bank deposits and bonds.”

David and Melanie James

“I really enjoy the very different approach to financial management you offer. Pity we don’t educate students on financial wellbeing!”

Jeff Hancock

“I wouldn’t be where i am without the elite investors club.  From the first Investors Summit in 2015 through to where i am today, all my knowledge, know-how and strategy has derived someway from an elite investor event or speaker.”

“Hats off to graham and his team for always adding value before up-selling anything that doesn’t fit within the elite investor vision.”

Shazad Khan

“I have benefited from the education that Elite provides, even though most of the investments are beyond my means at the moment, the information and learning has been of immense value.”

Toyin Bakare

“Continue to bring good financial content via newsletters and videos like you have been doing I joined as a member 2 years ago and joined just to find out some information about investing how to manage my money how to take my natural control of my money. 6 months into becoming a member I had enough knowledge to start investing my money into stocks and shares ISA then progressed into peer2 peer investment 9 months later diversified into one of your Cemetery investments. even though I haven’t made any further investments and I am still learning all about alternative Investments the risks and how’ to analyse due diligence of each investment product before investing money into any investment product elite investor club has helped me to take control of my finances meet like-minded people and learn about other asset classes”

Dipak Pankhania

“I find Elite Investor Club’s advise to be clear to understand and helpful in making investment decisions.”

Dalton Harris

“It’s been a great help & learning curve for me. Particularly as Elite Investor Club offers insights “outside the box” from the normal day to day investment industry.”

Ryan Bond

“Graham Rowan’s Elite Investor Club has been a great inspiration in the world of investing and personal finance.  In particular through it I have been introduced to alternative investments I would probably not have otherwise accessed.”

Andrew Ludlam

“Only been with the Elite Investor Club for several months, however, in that time I’ve gained the knowledge and practical application to potentially make some good investments in the next year and would encourage others to do the same and join the Elite Investor Club.”

Helen Limb

“You demystify the hidden world of Finance, warn us of pitfalls and make investment suggestions, give us a glimpse into the lives of successful entrepreneurs and how they got there, and keep us informed of what the chancellor is doing!”

Freddy Moriniere

“The Elite Investor Club will help beginners in portfolio creation, the foundations to manage effectively their wealth”

Harriet Wilson

“I have really enjoyed being a member of Elite Investor Club. The magazine has taught me a lot about the mindset needed to be an investor rather than an earner. I hope to find a way to make the transition to earning at least some passive income and this Club is helping me learn ways to do that and is giving me opportunities at a level that I can participate in, to get started.”

Giuseppe Bacchetti

A great wisdom insight of financial investment information provided by Graham Rowan

Andrew Duck

I have always found the Elite Investor Club to be entrepreneurial and always provides out of box investment initiatives for those seeking something different not normally found in mainstream investment institutions

Philip Hayton

“Its greats, graham is interesting, and I agree with him. I like his videos.”

Mike Butterwick

“Graham Rowan’s Elite Investor Club has been a great inspiration in the world of investing and personal finance.  In particular through it I have been introduced to alternative investments I would probably not have otherwise accessed.”

Ian Hadley

“Regular, insightful and creative information on the subject of building personal wealth!”

Henry Brett

“Perceptive, hard headed and wide ranging.”

Sorin Gheorghe

“I like this club because I read and watch very smart information and I feel that the people are very fair on presenting the info.”

Samuel Wong

“I get great value from Elite Investor Club membership by the wonderful articles in the magazines and the very interesting email. It encourages me to take my financial destiny in my own hands.”

June Smith

“Its very good at keeping you informed and offering access to financial opportunities outside the mainstream market”

Paul Hutchens

“The Elite Investor Club is designed for those people who have achieved some success in their lives and then realise they need to educate themselves financially. The Club provides an excellent broad education across a variety of asset classes suitable for successful mid-life people.”